“Northern Insight's research showed us directly where our marketing was succeeding and where it was falling short. Their film has been used in a number of presentations, whilst the insights from the study have been used to help give direction to the gallery’s ongoing marketing strategy.”

Anna Duffy, Gallery Administrator, Talbot Rice Gallery

picture of an interview subject
picture of an interview subject
picture of an interview subject
picture of an interview subject
picture of an interview subject
picture of an interview subject

About Northern Insight Research Films

Northern Insight is a well established producer of video based market research. An accredited member of the MRS, with over 6 years experience in the research industry, conducting research studies in both the public and private sectors. Through the use of innovative video research techniques, we deliver high quality consumer insights.

Our research videos feature real people expressing consumer perspectives, showing not only a spoken response, but non-verbal reactions such as body language and emotion.

Our projects can be stand alone or in conjunction with larger quantitative or qualitative projects, for example consumer views can be backed up with facts and figures for added emphasis.

Vox Pops Research

Open ended questions are posed to respondents on camera, allowing them to answer in their own words, ensuring insightful qualitative responses. Vox pops interviews can be conducted in any location, for example, on street, in shops, airports, railway stations, museums, art galleries, tradeshows whichever location is best suited to the research, ensuring on the spot feedback from a precise target group.

The video footage is then edited down into bite size clips, these are shown as part of a docu-debrief to illustrate research findings.

In-depth insight videos

For a more insightful qualitative consumer feedback, extended interviews can be arranged. Videos can show respondents in their own environment, such as at home or at work giving a detailed insight into a consumer sector.

About Research Films

Broadcast quality video cameras and microphones ensure that video and audio are crystal clear. Subtitles can also be added to videos, and transcripts produced, ensuring that nothing is lost.

Video outputs can be shown on chaptered DVD, Quicktime or Flash video, even on iPod and mobile phones for easy sharing of video.

Clients can choose the look of the research video, filming of consumer feedback can be stylish and modern, with creative editing, making them more enjoyable to watch. Alternatively videos can take a more formal approach depending on the situation.

For excerpts of our recent work please click here



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